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The leading specialist in the finest European confectionery:
Wholesale Sugar Free, Reduced Sugar, Free From, Vegan, Liquorice, Sweets, Chocolates and Packaging.

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*Please note that we are a wholesaler and we only supply to trade customers not members of the public. 

We have what you need

Are you tired of big supermarkets undercutting your prices?

Are you looking to stock up on quality confectionery that will make your customers come back for more? (The superior kind that your customers won’t find in the supermarkets!)


You still want to buy in bulk and pay wholesale prices

And you want product continuity, i.e, when you introduce a product to your customers, you need to be able to order in the same product again and again to foster customer loyalty

And of course, you want to place your order today and receive it the next day to fill your shelves. 

Why trust us?
Because we have been supplying wholesale sugar free sweets, high quality liquorice, free from, vegan and other specialised confectionery for over 25yrs.

What you get

You can now stock exclusive confectionery products and say goodbye to competition from big supermarkets.
We intentionally do not sell to supermarkets and a lot of our confectionery are exclusive to us so you won’t find it elsewhere wholesale in the UK. 

Your customers will come back to you for the same sweets, chocolates or liquorice whenever you cater to their specific tastes. 
Many of our current customers have their own loyal customers who buy the same products every week from them. 
The trends are changing, we are all more health conscious and there is more profit to be made by catering to specific needs such as Sugar Free, Veganism, Vegetarianism and Free From confectionery for those with allergies. We stock over 700 products from 70+ different suppliers. You will not find a bigger range of quality specialist confectionery anywhere else at trade prices. 

Make more profit.
Yes, our customers make more profit by catering for specific customer needs, buying at wholesale prices and adding your desired mark-up because you won’t be competing with your local supermarkets. 

Next day delivery. 
When you place your order before 1pm, we dispatch on the same day and you can receive your order on the next day. Find all the details on our new website’s How To Order page. 

*Please note that we are a wholesaler and we only supply to trade customers not members of the public. 

Wholesale sugar free and more confectionery & packaging you can order from us

Our wholesale confectionery products are divided into 5 categories. We sell most of our sweets, chocolates, liquorice and other confectionery in bulk loose or pre-packed. We specialise in wholesale sugar free confectionery. 

Below is a sample of what you can expect to find in our trade catalogue. You can visit our new website to browse our trade catalogue and price list here or order a printed copy. 


Sugar Free Biscuits
Free From Biscuits
Sugar Free Cakes
Free From Cakes
Sugar Free chocolate Nuts
Sugar Free chocolate Fruits
Free From Chocolate Nuts
Free From Chocolate Fruits
Sugar Free Marshmallows
No Added Sugar Chocolates
Free From Chocolates
Vegan Chocolates
Sugar Free Sweets
Free From Sweets
Vegan Sweets
Sugar Free Gums and Jellies
Free From Gums and Jellies
Vegan Gums and Jellies
Sugar Free Turkish Delights
Free From Turkish Delights
Vegan Turkish Delights


Belgian Liquorice
Chocolate Liquorice
Double Salt Liquorice
Dutch Liquorice
English Liquorice
Extra Salt Liquorice
Finnish Liquorice
German Liquorice
Gluten Free Liquorice
Icelandic Liquorice
Italian Liquorice
Liquorice Roots
Mint Liquorice
Salt Liquorice
Spanish Liquorice
Sugar Free Liquorice
Swedish Liquorice
Sweet Liquorice
Triple Salt Liquorice


Candy Canes
Chocolate Bars
Chocolate Medals
Chocolate Creams
Italian Nougat
Jelly Belly Beans
Joris Sweets
Novelty Chocolates
Pate de fruit
Sugar Mice
Turkish Delights


Bulk Cerisettes
Bulk Chocolate Almonds
Bulk Chocolate Dragee
Bulk Chocolate Ginger
Bulk Chocolate Liqueurs
Bulk Chocolate Peanuts
Bulk Chocolate Raisins
Bulk Flaked Truffles
Bulk Fudge
Bulk Golf Balls
Bulk Italian Nougats
Bulk Jelly Belly Beans
Bulk Marzipan
Bulk Marzipan logs
Bulk Orangettes
Bulk Rock Sweets
Bulk Truffles
Bulk Toffees
Bulk Turkish Delights


Ballotins boxes
Bag Closures
Bio Degradable bags
Block Bottom Bags
Cellophane Boxes
Cellophane Rolls
Cellophane Bags
Chocolate Boxes
Craft Paper Bags
Curling Ribbons
Confectionery Labels
Printed Bags
Pick and Mix Bags
Pick and Mix Boxes
Printed Ribbons
Sealing Tabs
Sweet Boxes
Sweet Bags