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*Please note that we are a wholesaler and we only supply to trade customers not members of the public. 

Bulk Confectionery Wholesale

Do you sell pick and mix sweets?
Time to stock up from our large variety of loose sweets, chocolates, jellies, jelly beans, fudge, liquorice, chocolate pebbles, bonbons, Turkish delights and more. 

Do you sell sweets, chocolates and other confectionery by weight?
You can find a large selection of sweets, chocolates, jellies, fudge, Turkish delights and other confectioneries in bulk in our catalogue, they offer the best value for money. You can choose your bags, boxes and other packaging materials from catalogue too. 

Bag or box your confectionery to fit with your needs. 
We stock a variety of cheap and luxury sweet bags, chocolate boxes, ballotin boxes and ribbons for you to package your bulk confectionery. 

Bulk loose vegan confectionery, sugar free confectionery, no added sugar confectionery and free from confectionery. 

At Chocobel, you will find most of our confectionery products sold loose in bulk for your convenience.

These pictures are taken from our Bulk product range from our brochure. 

Some of the products you will find in our bulk confectionery range

Loose Cerisettes
Loose Chocolate Almonds
Loose Chocolate Dragee
Loose Chocolate Ginger
Loose Chocolate Liqueurs
Loose Chocolate Peanuts
Loose Chocolate Raisins
Loose Fudge
Loose Golf Balls
Italian Nougats cakes & bars
Loose Jelly Belly Beans
Loose Marzipan
Bulk Marzipan logs
Loose Orangettes
Loose Rock Sweets
Loose Truffles
Loose Turkish Delights