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*Please note that we are a wholesaler and we only supply to trade customers not members of the public. 

Wholesale Liquorice

Delight your customers with your liquorice range!
Liquorice is a firm favourite among young and old alike, do you stock a variety of them to give your customers a good choice on size, shapes and most importantly taste?

Liquorice that tastes like liquorice used to.
You’ve heard it so many times before:  “Liquorice these days does not taste like it used to”.
But our trade customers never get complaints about the taste and quality of our liquorice. Do you know why?

We have the largest wholesale liquorice range in the UK many of them exclusive to us
We source our liquorice from authentic manufacturers and we have a huge variety of them available for you. 
You can choose from our extensive selection of European liquorice: Dutch liquorice, Belgian liquorice, English liquorice, Italian liquorice, Spanish liquorice, Swedish liquorice, Icelandic liquorice, Finnish liquorice and Danish liquorice. 

Buy loose liquorice or liquorice in bags/boxes. 
You can buy liquorice loose in bulk, ideal for pick and mix. We have a selection of bags, boxes and other confectionery packaging materials for you to choose from. 

You can also buy pre-packed liquorice in bags, pre-packed liquorice in tubs, pre-packed liquorice in boxes for your convenience. 

We are the exclusive UK wholesaler for many of our liquorice range. 

These pictures are taken from our liquorice product range from our brochure. 

Some of the products you will find in our liquorice range

Belgian Liquorice
Chocolate Liquorice
Double Salt Liquorice
Joris Liquorice
Dutch Liquorice
English Liquorice
Extra Salt Liquorice
Finnish Liquorice
German Liquorice
Gluten Free Liquorice
Icelandic Liquorice
Italian Liquorice
Liquorice Roots
Mint Liquorice
Salt Liquorice
Spanish Liquorice
Sugar Free Liquorice
Swedish Liquorice
Sweet Liquorice
Triple Salt Liquorice