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Wholesale Sugar Free and No Added Sugar Confectionery

Do you want a share of $10.27 Billion? 
This is what the sugar free and no added sugar confectionery market is projected to be worth by 2026 (source Fortune Business Insights).

However just stocking some sugar free sweets or no added sugar chocolates for the occasional diabetic customer is not enough to give you a share of this market.

As health awareness rises, more and more of the UK’s population are choosing non sugary snacks or treats with sugar substitutes over their sugary counterparts. 

Consumers want to enjoy their sweet treats without sugar, therefore, they expect a wide range of choice when it comes to sugar free and no added sugar snacks and confectionery.

They want to see more variety of sugar free sweets and no added sugar chocolates and they want more flavours to choose from too! 

This is why at Chocobel, you will find the largest Sugar Free, No Added Sugar and Reduced Sugar confectionery range wholesale in the UK.

These pictures are taken from our Sugar Free product range from our brochure. 

Some of the products you will find in our sugar free, no added sugar and reduced sugar range

Sugar Free Biscuits
Sugar Free Cakes
Sugar Free chocolate Nuts
Sugar Free chocolate Fruits
Sugar Free Marshmallows
No Added Sugar Chocolates
Sugar Free Sweets
Sugar Free Gums
Sugar Free Jellies
Sugar Free Lollies
Sugar Free Turkish Delights
De Bron Gums
De Bron Liquorice
De Bron Chocolates
Torras Chocolates
Stockley’s Sweets
Barkleys Mints
Barkleys Drops Tin
Balance Chocolates
Cavalier Chocolates
Liquorice Roots
Sweet Switch Confectionery
Activia Biscuits
Simpkins Biscuits
Diablo Biscuits
Diablo Cakes
Jealous Sweets Jellies
Fruit Funk Snacks
Fruit Forest Snacks
Moo Free Chocolates
Essy & Bella Chocolates
So Free Chocolates